12 Packing Tips

So, you thought that getting a self-storage unit is just what you need to free up some living space in your home. Hopefully, you’ve done your homework in choosing the right facility to store your valuables. This is very important if you’re concerned about the safety of your possessions.

Now, you need to prepare and pack your stuff so that you can save time, money and space. Here are a dozen tips for you that can help you pack and maximize storeroom space.

1. Make use of the entire vertical space. Keep uniformly sized boxes together so that it is easy to stack them up to the ceiling. Use big boxes for packing light objects and small boxes for heavy objects.

2. Stack the heavier boxes below and lighter items on top. Obviously, this helps to prevent your boxes from toppling over.

3. Use dresser drawers or the tub of the washing machine to store items like clothes, bedding and linens. Books and CDs can make good use of these spaces, too. Leave a little drawer opening to allow air to circulate and prevent moisture problems.

4. Stack up chairs and knock-down tables and other furniture, if possible.

5. Create a layout or map of your storage room to know where particular things are located. This is helpful when you or someone in your family needs to find something.

6. Organize your belongings in such a way that you create an aisle from the door all the way to the back of the unit. This helps you easily navigate through your towers of boxes.

7. Make an inventory list of everything you have stored in the unit and keep the list at home or somewhere safe.

8. Keep things that you would most likely need near the front for quick access.

9. Elevate your boxes off the floor using pallets to guard against dampness.

10. Don’t forget to label the boxes on all four sides. Write “FRAGILE” or “This Side Up” on boxes that must handled with care.

11. Store mattresses, sofas and couches propped up on one end to save space. Cover them with plastic or blanket to keep dust away.

12. If you’re storing any item made of metal, such as tools or bike, wipe a little machine oil to it to prevent rusting.

It is recommended to use self-storage when necessary. It is an added expense, but when you’re smart and pack your things right and keep them well-organized, you save more money and space.