Importance Of Security When Storing Your Items

Simply Irreplaceable

Your possessions are important to you. That is why you do not give or throw them away, right? It may be because of the high price you paid or the sentimental value that is attached to these things.

Some may have been given to you by a very important person in your life, while others are necessary in your everyday living. Whatever these things are worth to you, keeping them safe is a priority whether they are in your own home or in a self-storage facility.

The big question is “Are your possessions safe?” Can you have that peace of mind when you leave your valuable items there? Remember, some items are priceless and can never be replaced.
Reality of Self-Storage Theft

There have been reports of theft occurring in these storage facilities. What makes it really shocking is that thieves orchestrate their burglary without much effort. It seems that the facilities were not really built to store high value items, such as antiques or Persian rugs.

Moreover, there were complaints that the victims were unable to claim full insurance of their lost goods. This is so frustrating.

If you’re concerned about your possessions’ safety, you need to do your homework before you decide on a self-storage facility.

Important Security Features

Here’s a list of security features you should check before making your choice. Tour the facility and ask the manager your concerns.

• Is there proper lighting inside and outside the premises?
• Are there CCTV surveillance cameras installed to monitor the facility?
• Are there policemen monitoring the area and respond to emergency calls?
• What type of access control system is in place? Do tenants use security swipe cards? Are there individual door alarms?
• Is there a round-the-clock on-site manager and security personnel?

Lastly, be careful of unscrupulous self-storage owners. Do a research online to see if a company has been involved in alleged scams. Check local media reports for thefts in the location of the facility you’re eyeing.

Hopefully, you will find a facility at Fragile Storage that provides a good service in securely storing your treasures.