What to Look For When Choosing Storage

Choosing the right storage facility requires careful attention. Perhaps your primary consideration is the cost of rental, but there are others things you should check for the best storage experience.

The following is a list of things you need to look for before you decide to rent self storage facilities in Melbourne.

1. Well-maintained storage units

A well-maintained unit is first and foremost clean. It has functional doors and locks. There are no cracks or holes on the wall or floor through which thieves can slip in.

2. Secure facility

A secure facility is one that has adequate lighting and a security system in place, like surveillance cameras. See if the property is with proper fencing and guarded gateway. Restricted access helps keep prowlers away.

3. Storage Units with Varying Features

Customers’ needs differ from one another. Some may need a big unit, while others just need a small one. It’s not cost efficient to rent a self-storage that is too big for the stuff you have. Some customers may also need added storage features like climate control for storing special artifacts.

4. Excellent Customer Service

A major reason for opting to rent a self-storage unit versus warehouse storage is the ability of the client to have direct access to his belongings. So, it’s useless to choose a facility that does not have an on-site management team who caters to the customer’s need any time of the day or week.

See if the manager and on-site personnel are helpful, friendly and trustworthy. You’re paying not just for a secure storage but for good customer service as well.

5. Nearby Location
It’s important that the facility is near your home or your office. So that in case you need to put or get something from storage, you can easily reach the place. Although if you’re living in the city, the price is higher compared to one that is located outside the city or a rural area.

6. Affordability

Finding a clean and secure facility with excellent customer service is top priority. However, you probably want a facility that is affordable and within your budget.

Compare quotes from different companies. Also, consider how much you can save by opting for monthly instead of weekly rental or perhaps a longer lease term. Ask about special promos like a free month of storage or free truck rental.

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