Making The Most Of Your Available Warehouse Space

As a user of self-storage units, you’re paying for extra space. You can actually store more in a small unit and pay less if you know how to make the most of that free space. This article gives you some helpful ideas to achieve this.

Plan how you will use that space

You can use the space available more efficiently if you know how to pack the items you will store and how you will layout the boxes. If you can, use the full height of the store room to store your items. Measure if you must to know what will and will not fit.

Keep the unit clean

Before starting to stack up your boxes and load everything you want into storage, make sure that the room is clean. Remember that you don’t store any edible items inside. From time to time, check your unit to make sure that it is clean and stored items are not tampered.

Locate purposefully items you access frequently

When packing your stuff, think which ones you would likely need and would have to pull out from this repository. Don’t put these at the back of the unit instead place these near the entrance where you can easily retrieve them.

Dismantle bulky items

If it is possible to dismantle big furniture items before putting them in the facility, do it. It helps to save space so you can put in other stuff.

Use creativity in storing items

Cabinets and dressers that need to be stored can be filled with packaged or boxed items. Of course, don’t forget to remove these to lighten the furniture when loading or unloading.

Observe proper stacking

Put heavier items at the back and near the ground to create a base for stacking lighter packages on top. Don’t put fragile items on top to avoid damage when the boxes topple down.

Leave some open space inside

It helps air to circulate when there’s a little free space in the storeroom. Also, having an aisle, even a small one, helps you to access the stuff stored inside.

Seek the help of professional removalists

Professional removalists are experts in packing things and fitting them in the storage unit efficiently. If you can’t do a good job, it’s better to let the experts do it for you.
Keep in mind these helpful tips when you’re renting a self-storage unit. Hopefully, it will help you to maximize space and get more value from what you paid for…