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Mobile Self Storage

One of the aspects that make Fragile Storage & Removals different from the other companies in the industry is the diversity that we offer to our equally diverse clients in terms of providing service, be it home and office removals or storage. In our commitment to satisfy the needs of our clientele, we have added a form of storage box service that allows us to deliver our premium storage units right to your doorstep. Yes, let our storage units come to you instead of you coming to us. What could be more convenient, right?

Our mobile self storage service is a practical way to store your possessions safely and conveniently. Listen, we’ve all been there. You are facing a major relocation process and the stress is almost unbearable. There are a lot of things to think about, and that does not include the laborious task of packing and hauling all your belongings into a moving truck. That comes later, as moving day draws near. No, you have to think about utility companies, insurance, credit card companies, your mortgage, and so on. You will have a bunch of notifications to make and a ton of paperwork ahead of you.

We Bring The Storage Units To You

To lessen the burden on our clients, we have devised the mobile self storage box service to accommodate you in the most practical and convenient manner. Here’s how it works: we visit your home or place of business with the mobile storage unit. Now, you can either haul your stuff into the storage unit yourself or hire one of our teams of experienced removalists to do the loading for you. Once all your possessions are loaded into the mobile unit, we then bring it back to one of our secure facilities and keep it there safely for you.

Easy Mobile Storage – Easy For You!

This storage option saves you a lot of time and effort. Rather than having to haul things into a standard self storage facility and then loading them again into a truck once you’ve found a suitable place to store your belongings, all of your stuff can safely stay in our secure storage box system thus eliminating an unnecessary repetitive process altogether. A mobile self storage service is the perfect option for homeowners and business owners just looking to store things on a short term basis, be it furniture, office supplies, or industrial equipment relating to the business you are in.

Once you are ready to get your belongings back, or if you have cleared up some space in your home or office for the extra stuff you stored in our facilities, we then bring the mobile storage unit to you where you can begin the unloading process. Again, you can either do the unloading yourself or get one of our trusted removalists to do it for you. You will have 48 hours to unload all your stuff from the mobile storage boxes, which is ample time to get everything sorted out.

Our years of experience in the business have benefited us greatly in the way we provide removal and storage services. It has especially given us an insight on what many of our clients really need from a company like Fragile Storage & Removals—integrity, reliability, expertise, and affordability.

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