Problems to avoid when using self storage

Choosing the right self-storage company is important. There are certain things you should look for before agreeing to sign a lease contract. Be meticulous. You don’t want to experience the problems associated with this type of property rental, right?

To give you an idea of the headaches that people had to bear after entrusting their valuable items in these facilities, here are the top 3 problems you want to avoid. Keep reading.



1. Damage to property by bugs and rodents.

If you’re not careful in inspecting the location of the facility, you might find out too late that your belongings have already been damaged by rats or bugs. Certain areas are prone to attracting vermin. Examples are places near food establishments and the dump site.

The area needs routine maintenance to keep it clean and free from pest infestation. So, aside from a physical examination of the place, be sure to ask about their maintenance program.

2. Theft

When facilities do not have a security system in place and there are no on-site managers to monitor or restrict access, you might have a problem losing items you keep in store.

Check the repository unit itself and see if the walls are solid or just made of deteriorating wood. There was a client report that the unoccupied units in a facility were used to house some homeless people and they broke through the wall and stole items from the adjacent unit.

3. Inability to claim full insurance coverage

If you’re planning to store high value items, think again. Even if you buy insurance from the company, keep in mind that there’s a limit in the coverage value.

The insurance coverage depends on the size of the storage unit. So, if you store expensive items in a small unit, there’s a risk that you might not get full insurance coverage in case something happens.

An additional reminder about claiming insurance is the fact that insurance policies usually don’t cover damages due to flood, earthquakes, mildew, pest infestation and poor maintenance.

Other problems that people complain about when renting a self-storage unit include the high cost, inconvenient access, and loss of items for non-payment of rental fees.