Questions To Ask When Finding The Right Space To Keep Your Possessions

News reports tell us that burglaries happen in self-storage facilities. These incidents underscore the importance of choosing carefully the services you trust.

Knowing the right questions to ask can help lead you to the best storage facility that can meet your needs. You should not hesitate to ask the manager or owner of companies regarding the services they provide.

Here is a list of seven major questions you should not forget to ask about the facility:

Do you have on-site customer support?
If you can talk to a real person on-site over the phone, it says a lot about the kind of support you can get as a customer. If the owner is only interested in selling you a space and not provide quality customer service, move on to the next facility.

What type of security do you have in place?
Is the facility fenced or gated? Does the warehouse storage facility limit access to customers only? How well-lit are the indoor and outdoor areas? Are there surveillance cameras installed? Are there security guards doing round-the-clock monitoring?

How secure are the storage units? Do clients use swipe cards? Do clients bring their own locks? (Disc locks are highly recommended). Are there individual alarms installed?

Are my possessions covered by insurance?
How much is the insurance coverage? The amount usually depends on the size of the unit. You might need to purchase additional insurance if you’re storing high value items.

Do you offer the flexibility of changing storage units?
In case you need to upgrade or downgrade your unit, it is good to know beforehand if they offer this flexibility. If the unit is locked in a yearly lease contract, this might not be right place for you. Go find another the facility that offers a more versatile option.

Where is your facility located?
Ideally, the facility should be a short distance to your residence or place of work, especially if you need frequent access. However, if you don’t need that quick access, it’s all right for the facility to be a bit further, which is likely cheaper.

How long has the facility been in business?
This information will give you a hint whether the business is trustworthy or not. Being in the business for years will tell you that the company has the experience and the ability to provide satisfactory, if not an excellent, service.

How much is the cost?
The manager or owner should be able to give you a quote that is appropriate for what you really need. Ask about hidden fees that they may not include in the quote, such as administration fees, insurance fees, penalties, etc.

Some storage businesses actually offer free or discounted first month rental but you’ll be surprised to get a very high bill the following month. So, be sure to check the terms and conditions of the lease contract before signing.

Use these questions as guide for finding the best self-storage facility in Melbourne or Brisbane. At Fragile Storage, we tick ALL the boxes!