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Self Storage

If you are looking for a self storage facility that offers great secure lockable storage units at affordable rates in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, Fragile Storage & Removals has just what you need. Our self storage units are capable of housing all your valuables safely and securely. Business owners and residents who need adequate space to store some of their possessions will find that our facilities are more than what they could ask for in terms of quality and affordability.

Being in the removal and storage business for more than a decade, we know what our customers need and what they are looking for in a company such as ours. Whether you are in need of a professional removalist or a storage space, Fragile Storage have the appropriate personnel and the right facilities to provide you with the service that you deserve.

Centrally Located

Our storage facilities in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane are situated in locations close to the heart of the cities’ business districts to ensure convenience and ease of access. Sometimes, a need arises where you have to get to your storage unit as quickly as possible to retrieve an item; this is why we have strategically placed our facilities close to where you might be doing your business or where you might reside in. If there is anything our vast experience has taught us, it’s how to anticipate our clients’ needs and what steps to take to make things easier for them. That is the advantage of doing business with a company that has been perfecting its craft for over 15 years.

3 Self Storage Options

We also know the diversity of every potential client’s needs. That is why we have established three simple storage options for you to choose from, which already include the modular self storage units if you prefer to store your belongings for the long term. The other two options include mobile storage and container storage.

Mobile storage is for those looking to store household items and office equipment on a short-term basis. For instance, if you need a storage unit for a few days only—just long enough to clear the available space you may already have in your home or place of business, a mobile storage unit is the perfect solution for you. We will send a storage unit directly to your residence or business, all you have to do is load up all of the things you want to store and we will take care of the rest. Once you are ready to retrieve all your belongings, we will transport the unit back to you and give 48 hours to unload all your stuff. It’s basically a practical and convenient option.

Container storage is another self storage option that offers comprehensive security, round the clock accessibility, and convenience. You can store your most prized possessions in one of our container units with peace of mind. Trust that your belongings are safe and secure under our watch. Give us a call if you want a free estimate on your removal or storage needs.

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