Warehouse Facilities – More Popular This Decade

Self-storage has become so popular in the U.S., U.K. and even in Australia in the last decade. Many people and businesses are spending hundreds of dollars on the use of these facilities every year.

Why do people need self-storage anyway? What factors contribute to the growth of this industry?


People today are quite mobile. They move when they change residence or place of work. Sometimes, they also move when a family member needs to go to college.
Using self-storage most often goes hand-in-hand with moving. If the new house is not yet ready or is not big enough to keep all the stuff from the old house, there’s a definite need to get extra space such as this.


People have been buying more stuff today than folks did a century ago. The problem is most of these products are never consumed and never rots. On top of that, people are not throwing rubbish away, so all these things pile up in the home.

What happens when people are running out of living space? The answer is they find a place to store their stuff.

Expensive Property

Not all people can afford to rent or buy a bigger real estate property. It is simply too expensive.

With lots of personal belongings, including furnishings, sports equipment, collectibles and cars, the more affordable option is to get self-storage units. This works for businesses, too, which may need additional space for archiving files and stashing office furniture.

Customers love this flexible option. They can choose to pay only for the exact space needed when needed. Rent a big or small place for one, two or three months and pay only for what was exactly used.

The boom of the self-storage industry really should not be a big surprise. It’s only the response to what people need in these times of high mobility and consumerism. It’s an option to make life more convenient and more affordable.

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