Warehouse or Self-Storage?

If you need storage for your business, the traditional option is to lease some warehouse space. But many businessmen today are choosing self-storage instead for their retail business.

Which of the two options is better? What is the advantage of one over the other? The answer to these two questions can be briefly stated as “it depends on the needs of the business.” More details will be given below.

Basic Differences

A warehouse storage is typically a commercial building used for storing goods. Its structure consists of concrete floor and high metal shelves. Equipment like cranes and forklifts are used in loading and unloading heavy products in these warehouses. The building also has climate-controlled areas which are used by traders for storing perishable goods.

Self-storage facilities are typically used for storing personal belongings. However, some business organizations are already using this option to store their goods and documents.

Unlike a warehouse, which is leased by just one entity to keep the inventory or stocks of the business, self-storage facilities offer different sizes and types of storage units to cater to different individuals or entities safekeeping varying items.

Which is better for your business?

If your business needs a very big space long term, leasing warehouse storage may be the cheaper option. However, if you’re just starting with little inventory, you might find it a better choice to lease a self storage unit. You can initially rent a small unit and pay only a few months, then as your business grows, you can rent a big unit.

Self-storage is best if you don’t want to shell out a big amount of cash. Warehouses generally require an annual lease, which means big cash out. If you suddenly must decrease your inventory or relocate your business, you lose for paying in advance.

Another advantage of self-storage is the security features included with the monthly payment of the facility. There are surveillance cameras, on-site management and security monitoring, locks and alarms. With warehouses, you probably need to spend and install the cameras and security system yourself.

Now, that you know all these facts. You can decide which facility is better for your particular business. Give Fragile a call today – we can help you out with every available option to store your items. We are conveniently located in In Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.