Ways To Save Money On Self-Storage Space

Renting a self-storage space is a need for some people and consequently an additional expense. If you have the same need for extra storage, perhaps you’re moving in Melbourne or renovating your home, you could use some money-saving tips.

Here are seven ways that can help you save money on rental:

1. Ask about discounts.
With the stiff competition among companies in Melbourne, it won’t hurt to ask for discounts or deals. Check out companies that offer free storage on the first month or free truck rental.

2. Request to waive the insurance requirement.
Some storage facilities require the payment of an insurance fee valued at $10-20 when you move in your stuff. However, you could potentially waive the insurance fee with the presentation of your own homeowners or renters insurance.

Waving the insurance fee doesn’t mean that you don’t need insurance. Getting insurance for your stored goods protects you against loss and damage.

3. Use a good lock.
Get a disc lock for your storage door to secure what you put inside. It is considered the most reliable because of the difficulty to pick this lock.

4. Purge your stuff.
Don’t keep everything in your unit. With less stuff, you could rent a smaller sized unit and save a few dollars.

Throw away things that are broken and can’t be fixed. Give away those which are still useful but you don’t need any more. If there’s anything you can sell, do so and you get some extra cash.

5. Don’t overpay for storage.
How much space do you really need? It’s a waste of money to pay for space that you don’t use. This happens when the storage unit is too big for the stuff you have.

Use a space calculator, a free online tool that helps approximate how big or small is the storage unit you need.

6. Get free boxes.
You can get boxes for free from liquor stores, grocery stores and office supply stores. Just be sure to pick good quality boxes that are clean and sturdy.

7. Plan the efficient use of space.
Think how you can maximize space when you pack your stuff and when you layout the boxes inside the room. You can stack up boxes to save space but be sure to put the heavy boxes at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top.

8. Store bulky items somewhere else.
Putting bulky items in your unit greatly reduces the amount of space you can use. If possible, ask a family member or a friend to keep the large item in their home or maybe lend it to an institution that might need it.

9. Share space with a friend.
If the space you rented is more than what you need, you can find a trustworthy friend who could share the space with you.

You see from the list above that there are ways to save money when you need rent self-storage space. Just apply a few of these tips to get more value for your money.