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Weather in Melbourne

If you’re planning to visit Melbourne, knowing about the weather conditions will help you choose the places you can go to and decide the activities you want to do.

Melbourne’s weather is very irregular that is why folks say there are ‘four seasons in one day.’ But the climate in general is temperate. The summer season is warm to hot, spring and autumn are mild temperate and the winter season is cool. The average temperature during summer is 25 degrees Celsius; winter averages 14 degrees Celsius.

The summer season is from December to February with a temperature range of 15 degrees to 26 degrees. Autumn is from March to May, winter is from June to August and spring is from September to November. January and February are the hottest months. It is the coldest from June to July. Rainfall occurs most often in October.

Consider all these information when you plan your activities. A daily weather update will be valuable as you prepare for your itineraries. You’ll know when to put on layers of clothing or when to bring your umbrella.

To give you an idea of what you can do in Melbourne throughout the year, here are some of the major events in the city and suggested activities.

In January, you can watch the Grand Slam Australian Open Tennis Championships. You can also enjoy swimming at St. Kilda Beach or have a cool afternoon walk along Port Phillip Bay.

In March you can watch the action unfold in the Formula 1TM Australian Grand Prix. If you’re not interested in this racing event, watch the Ripcurl Pro surfing competition instead. It is held at Bells Beach in March or April.

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival happens at this time, too. Then relax as you wander through the parks and gardens and see how the autumn leaves change their colors.

When the temperature gets very cold in winter, you can still have a good time exploring art galleries and exhibits at the Melbourne Museum or National Gallery of Victoria. If not, watching performances at the Melbourne Arts Centre is a viable option. But, if you really want to feel the heat at this time, join the thousands of cricketing fans watch the Australian Rules Football match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Springtime is the time for the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the prestigious event for horse racing enthusiasts. It is also the best time of the year to go on a vineyard exploration at the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges.

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