Why Store Your Possessions?

When you need to leave your old house but have not yet found a new home, what do you do with all the things you own? Where do you keep them? The quick solution is to rent a self-storage facility.

A self-storage facility is a space for rent where you can keep the things you own. You can put there almost anything – household goods, furniture, appliances, antique collection and even your car or boat. Of course, there are restricted items like inflammable objects, fuel, and the like. You can get a self-storage as small as a walk-in closet (5 feet x 10 feet) or as large as a two-car garage (20 feet x 20 feet).

Most people use it as a temporary depository of items while moving or perhaps while renovating their home. However, many rent the facility long-term to store items like holiday decorations or furniture that can take away living space in their home.

How It Works

Basically, you rent a space, deliver the items you want to store, then, secure it with your own lock and key. You alone can directly access your stuff when you want to.
The self-storage company employees don’t have access to the contents inside your rented space. That is why your belongings are not covered by the facility’s insurance. If you wish, you may purchase insurance coverage for your items through a third-party insurance company the lessor may refer.

It is different from warehouse storage where the warehouse employees have access to the stored items. If you want your stuff, you need to go through them. With self-storage, you have quick access to your belongings and you can get them any time.

Additional Information on Storing Your Items

If you want to rent a space in a facility like this, here are additional things you should know:
Rent a space after determining how big a space you want. This depends on how much stuff you want to store inside.

You can choose to pay monthly. But you could probably save more if you pay for a longer-lease term. But it all depends on your intended use.

Some companies sell packing supplies, boxes and locks to assist tenants in their storage needs. There may be offers of free truck use for new tenants as well, so don’t forget to ask about it.

Most self-storage units are walled with corrugated metal. There are no windows and access is via a roll-up metal door or a hinged metal door.

For the tenants’ peace of mind, self-storage facilities usually have controlled access. Security guards, security cameras and alarms are employed to ward off possible break-ins.